My Fair Deal Plan Will Bring REAL Changes to REAL Nevadans

1. We Must Fight For Better Healthcare Now

Nevada is suffering from one of the worst shortages in the history of our state. This shortage is costing each of you thousands of dollars every year AND puts your very lives at risk. We are not talking about food or water, though. Nevada has a SEVERE shortage of Doctors, and it’s not looking too good for us.

According to a report by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC), Nevada is currently one of the three WORST states to be in if you need a doctor. Their 2017 profile on the state of Nevada showed that Nevada has a measly 1 general practitioner for every 500 citizens. The national average is 388 citizens per doc while Massachusetts boasts an impressive 1 doctor for every 226 people. We are in just as bad of a position, if not worse, with specialists and surgeons.

Not only does this make seeing doctors a hassle, but doctors-per-capita is one of the BIGGEST influencers on health insurance costs. A better ratio could see your costs more than HALVED.

But don’t worry…I HAVE A PLAN!

As part of my Fair Deal for Nevada, I have been working alongside top doctors at UNLV and other medical experts to come up with new ways to not just get doctors into the state, but keep them here too.

  • We need to increase the amount of in-state residencies – Doctors who do their residencies in-state are significantly more likely to continue practicing in that state than people who get their degrees there. 
  • We need to reduce the student-debt burden from medical school for new doctors who do their medical education, residency, and practice in-state – We can do this by facilitating the creation of low-cost debt relief options for new doctors who fit these criteria
  • We need to make it easier for qualified doctors from other states to transfer those qualifications and licenses into Nevada – Many of the top doctors in our country cannot move their credentials into the state despite years of successful practice. Our burdensome licensing process must be streamlined to entice qualified doctors to enter our state.

There is no doubt that the success of these programs would save our citizens money, create more health insurance options, and bring money into the state with all the successful practicing doctors that could be living here.

2. We Will Save Our Schools

Aren’t you all sick and tired of hearing people talk about how bad our education system in Nevada is every single year? You would think that after being ranked at the bottom of our nation for education every year, something would have been done. Somehow, even after decades, our politicians have managed to successfully accomplish nothing.

It’s time we all say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

There is no excuse for how our schools have been handled in this state. Even when we vote to give them more funding, the money somehow ends up in every place other than where the people voted to put it. That stops when I’m elected your Assemblyman. The steps that need to be taken here are clear.

  • Ensure the money from the Marijuana Tax and Clark County Room Tax make it to our schools – Both of these taxes were voted on by the voters at the ballot box. There is no excuse that the $850 Million-per-year these two taxes bring in has not gone to fund our schools like we were promised.
  • Use that Money to Hire Teachers – Nevada has one of the worst student-to-teacher ratios in the country at 22:1. Some classes have over 40 students in a single class. By using this money, we can hire more teachers and improve conditions for the ones we have so that the best of them are less likely to leave for other states
  • Use that Money to Improve School Security – We can significantly improve security at our schools by reducing the number of entrances/exits and guaranteeing at least 1 guard-per-school to protect that entrance. Already existing exits can be secured at a low cost by using key-card technology that staff has access to but students don’t.

In the Assembly, I will not be afraid to work across the aisle or even challenge the state constitution itself if it means our public and charter schools can finally get the resources they were promised. OUR KIDS ARE WORTH IT.

3. Nevada Needs Workers Right Now

Nevada businesses are facing a very real problem in 2018. The reality is that we have a surplus of jobs and a shortage of skilled laborers to fill them. While this issue is not unique to Nevada, it is a major issue we face as a state as we work to bring new industries and businesses into our state.

This is no simple problem to fix, but WE CAN FIX IT!

The first thing we have to do is make it easier for skilled workers to move and register here. That’s why I will work on reducing licensing time and fees for workers in the state and also work to make out-of-state credentials more easily transferable for people looking to move to Nevada.

However, that is not all we have to do to make these workers come to our state. One of the biggest fears of people moving to Nevada is, unfortunately, having to enroll themselves and their families into our educational and healthcare systems.

That’s why my Fair Deal Plan for Nevada focuses on solving both of those issues. As your Assemblyman, I will make sure Nevada gets the doctors it needs so that we can reduce health care costs while expanding insurance options. I will also make sure that our public and charter schools get the funding they were promised and the resources they desperately need.

 4. We Will Back Up Our Veterans

Our men and women in the armed forces have put their lives on the line for us. We must stand with them and their families when they return home. Nevada has done a great job on behalf of our service members. Governor Brian Sandoval has done quite a bit to make us into one of the most veteran-friendly states in the country, but we can always do better.

That’s why one of the main focuses of the campaign will be to ensure Veterans have access to the physical and mental rehabilitation services they need. While many people are aware of PTSD and how it affects the veteran community, their physical rehabilitation services can often go under-addressed.

As your Assemblyman, I will work alongside the VA and other area hospitals to expand access our American heroes have to doctors who specialize in treating their conditions. By combining an increase in medical professionals in the state with the funding our state already receives for veteran care, we can ensure each and every one of them has access to the excellent health care they more than earned.