It's Time To Build A Brighter Future For Nevada!

The major issues facing Nevada affect everyone. We need to provide more jobs. We need lower health care bills and more options. We must give a better education to our children.  As your Assemblyman, we will work tirelessly to pass legislation that builds a better future for us all.

In order for us to put everyday Nevadans first, we have to take on the powerful corrupting influence of big money. That’s why I’m the only candidate in the race that is 100% people-funded.

To make real changes, I need the help of everyday people, families and our diverse communities. We have faith that together we can take on the corrupt political machine and truly make Nevada greater than ever before! That’s why we need you to bet on Nevada and pick Paris Wade.

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Citizens shouldn't have to struggle in our state. It's time for a Nevada that's good for us all.

Our movement to take back the assembly from do-nothing politicians is about education and healthcare. It’s about jobs, justice and civil rights. It’s about improving our roads and infrastructure. It’s about fighting for our neighbors. It is time that someone fought for the people of this state.

As a local business owner, an employer of veterans and a proud Nevadan, I am ready to confront these problems head on. That’s why my Fair Deal Plan will lower our health care costs, save our schools, and protect our small business owners. Together, we can keep Nevada free and fair for every citizen!

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What We Can Achieve Together

Southern Nevada Deserves A Working Class Leader.

Paris Wade is an entrepreneur, an organizer and a working-class Nevadan who has championed the needs of children, families and working Nevadans on the streets and with policymakers.

Paris Wade’s first job was at McDonald’s while in highschool in Tennessee. Before his mother passed from cancer in 2011, Paris made a promise to her that he’d dedicate his life to public service, education, and political activism. A year later, he organized a music festival and donated the thousands in proceeds to Nourish International, a charity helping impoverished communities around the world. Paris then graduated from the University of Tennessee with a degree in advertising. Paris has since started three Nevada based companies and their success has been covered in news outlets across the world. 

Paris Wade understands the real problems working Nevadans face and knows what we need to do to achieve them! That’s why he has now organized a citizen backed run for Nevada’s 41st Assembly district. 


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