Meet Paris Wade

Paris Wade and his fiance, Ana

Paris Wade is a 28-year-old, successful businessman with a passion for protecting the constitution. Raised in Maryville, Tennessee, Wade’s parents instilled important family values such as hard work, honesty, reliability and integrity. In 2005, at the age of fifteen, Paris Wade’s cousin, Travis Nixon, was killed in Afghanistan while serving as Army Staff Sgt. He was a role model to Wade and his sacrifice is the reason Wade knew he would have to enter public service – to make sure that his cousin’s sacrifice would never be taken for granted.

At a young age, Wade spent much of his time working local food drives and for various local businesses. His first job was McDonald’s where he flipped burgers and served fries. When he entered the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, on a full scholarship, his passion for service was reignited while organizing the first ever annual Fort Sanders Music Festival, an event which raised thousands of dollars for impoverished communities worldwide.

Paris Wade’s mother, Kim Nixon, passed away from breast cancer

At 21-years-old, Wade’s mother, Kim Wade, passed from a long battle with breast cancer. She told him before she passed that he needed to serve his community. Despite being grief-stricken, Wade knew it was his duty to remain strong so he could comfort and support his broken-hearted family. This life-changing event also ignited Wade’s passion to be a champion for women’s healthcare issues.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising, Wade moved out of Tennessee to California, to pursue his dream of owning a successful business. While working several other jobs, including in journalism, Wade co-founded the successful news organization known as Liberty Writers News.

Within a year, Liberty Writers received tens of millions of viewers every month and was named the 240th biggest website in America during the 2016 election cycle. Wade used this opportunity to expand his company by hiring and training multiple writers and moving his company to Las Vegas, Nevada.

On November 8, 2017, Facebook shut down Liberty Writers News and its other related brands for relaying news to the public from an independent perspective. That day, twelve hardworking writers and tech professionals, many of them veterans, women, and ethnic minorities, lost their jobs and their livelihoods.

Seeing first-hand what happens when constitutional protections are taken away reignited a long-standing desire within Wade to fight for ordinary Americans. He realized the only way to ensure our God-given rights are protected and that our businesses can create new jobs was for Paris to roll up his sleeves and enter public service himself.

After witnessing the multiple attacks on Nevada businesses proposed by the previous legislature, Wade knew it was time to run for Nevada State Assembly District 41 so that he could keep kids safe in school, bring better healthcare to Nevada and protect our right to start a business and live the American dream.