Something amazing is happening across Nevada that shows the strength and resolve of the female-citizens of our great state. Our state now ranks ninth in the growth of women-owned businesses since 2007. Las Vegas is number five, according to the State of Women-Owned Businesses Report commissioned by American Express.

Let’s all give a round of applause to all our amazing female business owners! It’s inspiring to see women taking up the charge to become entrepreneurs.

UNR Student Melissa Perez Rios plans to own a gym and restaurant / Photo by Natalie Van Hoozer

Nevada now hosts 98,800 women-owned businesses. Even more, women-owned businesses have outperformed other businesses, and over the past 11 years, women-owned firms have increased employment by 21 percent. Woman-owned companies in the state have seen a 46 percent jump in revenue, compared to 36 percent for other businesses.

The reason for this is that Las Vegas is a growing state with low taxes and affordable houses, according to Geri Stengel, who did the research for the American Express Report.

“Usually in a strong economy, you’ll see more people trying to bring their ideas to the market,” said Stengel, who job-necessity and opportunity as the reason for the rise in women businesses.

“A Night for Women in Business and Entrepreneurship” packed meeting / Photo by Natalie Van Hoozer

It’s inspiring to see this. My mother was a female entrepreneur that started her own businesses when I was a child. She was a rug hooker and would sell hand-made rugs and designs to people across the country. I grew up helping her in her business and I was inspired to start my own because of her.

I believe that having more female business owners will help increase the overall entrepreneurship of the state of Nevada and will inspire the next generation to pick themselves up by their own bootstraps and run their own business.

This is why we must protect our female-owned businesses by not pushing the ridiculous regulation that will kill them like the last legislative body in Nevada did. I’m talking about regulations like AB-178, AB-211, and the plastic bag ban.

Kathleen Taylor, who handles entrepreneurship in Nevada said that she sees women building their own businesses as “confident.”

“They’re fearless,” she said. “They step out on faith or a belief in themselves and they succeed fine. And if not, it’s a good learning experience. It’s like a win-win.”

Let’s let our women step confidently into the future without crushing them under the heal of unnecessary regulation. That’s why I need your vote this November and also your donations to stop the attack on our businesses by the elitist in the legislature.

Please donate $5, $10, or $15 and help me fight for the rights of business owners everywhere.