We are at a crossroads in Nevada history and this is the defining year.

Our state is one of the fastest growing in the United States and we need to make sure that Nevada remains free and fair for all of our diverse citizens.

In 2017, Nevada was ranked the fourth-most moved-to state, according to a United Van Lines Survey. According to driver license surrender data from 2016, The states people are moving from to Nevada are the following in order from most to least: California, Florida, Texas, Arizona and Washington.

Take a look at the graphic below provided by Wes Rand at the Review-Journal.

The vast majority of people moving from this state are from California and the reason they are leaving is simple. Rent in Cali is too damn high!

Check out these cost comparisons via KTNV between Las Vegas, the San Francisco Bay and Los Angeles:

Las Vegas:

  • Average Home: $249,000
  • Average Rent: $1,297
  • Lowest gas price: $2.49

San Francisco / Bay Area:

  • Average home: $923,000
  • Average Rent: $3,404
  • Lowest gas price: $3.03

Los Angeles:

  • Average home: $636,000
  • Average rent: $2,738
  • Lowest gas price: $2.99

“Jobs are available in places these high housing cost areas, like California and New York, but housing costs eat up most of that income,” Michael Stoll said, an economist at the Department of Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles. “You could find an equivalent job that maybe pays less in Nevada, but money toward housing will go much further.”

California is driving out its middle-class and young people because the insane regulatory climate and its high-cost of living. This means paying more for less freedom. We must not make those same mistakes here in Nevada.

Since moving to Nevada, I have fallen in love with the amazing people and I will fight every day to prevent Nevada from turning into California. The Silver State CANNOT turn into the Golden State. The people of California are wonderful, but the government of California is not. It is the California government that has made it impossible to live in California. There are too many laws, too much crime and it is impossible to start a company there.

To the people of California moving here, please, please, please don’t bring California’s politics to Nevada.

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Please share this information with one of your friends. If we make people aware of the problem we are facing, then together we can fight for this state and keep California policies in California.

God bless Nevada and God bless the United States.