Nevada is a wonderful state filled with amazing people. It’s an amazing place to live fruitfully and raise a family, but it has become increasingly harder recently.

This is something that I have stumbled upon after knocking on nearly 11k doors.

According to the Nevada Medical Center, Nevada is 50th out of 50 states for access to Primary Care Physicians. It takes months to see a primary care physician on average and takes almost 8-9 months to see a specialist. This is a travesty and a silent killer.

I have met several people myself at the door that cannot get into see a doctor in a timely manner. I met a gentleman named Rod. He worked for US Post Office and now finds it hard to work because he is a victim of a delayed surgery. He told me that it took 6 months for him to get a surgery and has injured nerve endings in his leg from this. He cannot work anymore because of it and he had insurance. I promised him that I would fix our health care crisis here in Nevada. 

I met another woman, let’s call her Abby. She had severe jaundice when I met her at the door and she told me that she had been waiting 3 months to see a general practitioner to address her issue. This is ludicrous and we have to do better by our senior citizens. I told her that if she needed anything that she could call me anytime. 

This is why it has become a huge campaign point for me to get more health care providers back to the state. Since 2015, we have seen a consistent drop in Primary Care providers in Nevada. It’s part of the reason that I’m fighting for everyday Nevadans. Every single person in the United States deserves access to great healthcare, especially if they are paying for it, and I have put together a great solution to lowering our health care bills by bringing in more doctors to the state.

You can read more about my health care plan by clicking here.