Voting is not just important, it is our duty as Americans. Election Days, while they may be hot and hard to get to at times, are what allow We the People to pick our leaders and shape the future of our great state and country.

While Elections are never perfect, this year in Nevada we had one exceptionally bad problem which changed the whole game…


This is the sad and honest truth. Reports from the biggest counties in the state, Clark and Washoe, attest to this massive flaw. They were leaving out the names of major candidates from everything from Governor races all the way to State Assembly.

While it is next to impossible to redo a vote after a travesty like this, there is no doubt that these issues can DRASTICALLY change the outcomes of races. Just take a look at Nevada Assembly District 34, which was decided by just 27 votes.

Now, this is not to say that the winners would have changed, however, the sheer number of “disappearing candidates” complaints makes you stop and think about what could have been.

One thing is for sure: We NEED to get this problem fixed before Nov 6 or else Nevada could be in for a Nightmare on Election Day.

Also, a special congratulations to the winners last night including: Adam LaxaltDanny TarkanianWes Duncan, Michael Roberson, Barbara CegavskeBob BeersDean HellerJoyce BentleyCongressman Mark Amodei, Cresent Hardy, Jerry Tao for Nevada Supreme CourtValerie WeberBen KieckheferKeith PickardJohn Hambrick, Joe Lombardo, Richard McArthur, Jason Burke, Linda Cannon, Tom Roberts, Matt SadlerCherlyn ArringtonMelissa HardyGlen Leavitt for Nevada Assembly 23Alexis HansenJohn EllisonJanice WesenDavid SchoenTrish MarshTisha BlackCindy Lake For County Commission GJill MacFarlane for Clark County RecorderPhil Collins for Clark Co. Treasurer, Duane Thurston, and Jimmy Vega.