The Clark County School Board is going to vote next week on the $7 million in legal settlements, payments and two high-profile bullying and sexual misconduct cases involving students. Here’s what happened.

Disgraced Music Teacher, Jeremiah Mazo (Facebook)

CCSD will now pay $5 million to two anonymous victims of Jeremiah Mazo. He was a former music teacher that plead guilty to attempted lewdness towards young children at Hayden Elementary School in North Las Vegas. School Trustees are also looking to approve $2.05 million for a third person in the case. This was alluded to in the upcoming agenda. These are the largest sexual misconduct claims every paid by the district.

Don E. Hayden Elementary School

Mazo has been sentenced to up to 60 years in prison, says the Review Journal. The settlements would end the legal battle that started last year.

Mazo was arrested in 2008 after charges of molesting children at North Las Vegas’ Simmons Elementary School arose. A judge dismissed the case.

Parents of two of the victims filed the class action lawsuit against the school. They claimed that school officials should have known Mazo was a danger to students.

The money for the settlements will come from district and insurance funds, said CCSD.

This story is hard to stomach.

It’s time to SAVE our schools. We need to make Nevada the shining light on the hill in education. Our kids need to be prepared for the jobs of the future and we must keep them safe in school from predators and those that want to do them harm. Not only will it save the state money but it will also help our kids get a great education free from harm.

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