Young Woman Opening Gift Box

Yesterday was a big day for education in Las Vegas. The members of the Clark County Education Association (CCEA) voted on a new three-year contract extension for more pay and a higher health care contribution rate.

Here is the really interesting thing. While the first year (2019) will have a set increase, the CCEA and county agreed as part of the contract that any more raises would be decided on in the state legislature.

That means that both the CCSD and CCEA have agreed that they will be spending money together to lobby the Assembly for more teacher pay when I am up there in 2019.

Now, I am all about making sure our schools get the money they need. Our teachers deserve competitive pay and we still need a heck of a lot more of them. However, I still think it’s CRAZY that the Clark County Room Tax and the Marijuana Tax brought in well over $800,000,000 this year and yet we STILL can’t fund our schools.

The voters of Nevada were promised that those two taxes would go towards education. Instead, a tiny bit goes towards education and a big chunk of it disappears into a general fund. If we vote to give even more money, what promise do we have that schools will even see it?

When I make it up to State Assembly, I will make it my mission to make sure the money that Nevadans intended to go to schools will actually make it to schools. If that means it’s time to update the state constitution or the Nevada Plan, then so be it. Aren’t we all just sick of seeing Nevadans getting robbed just because we love our kids and care about their futures?