It has only been one month into the school year and police have now investigated seven gun-related incidents in Clark County School District. It is becoming increasingly more obvious that we need to put in place simple school safety measures that keep our kids safe. Watch here.

On Tuesday, an 18-year-old student was shot down outside of Canyon Springs High School. He has not been identified but died in the University Medical Center.

Clark County Superintendent Jesus Jara is forming an Advisory Group of principals, teachers, parents and students to look for ways to eliminate weapons being brought to school campuses.

“My real concern is making sure that my children — all 322,000 of them — when they come to school, they’re free to learn in a safe environment,” Jara said.

This incident marked the first time that shots were fired on a school campus, but police have been dealing with weapons being brought into school several times this year. In August, police recovered a 40-caliber loaded handgun from Green Valley High School. At Desert Rose High School, a 17-year-old student was found in possession of a loaded handgun at Desert Rose High School.

School police do not know why kids are bringing firearms to school.

“They’re not speaking,” School District Police Capt. Morales said. “They’re not giving us that information.”

Students and community members can report suspicious activity or threats to schools to SafeVoice Nevada, an anonymous report website. You can find that here or by calling 1-833-216-7233.

This is why we need common-sense school safety measures that address the problem where it happens. Police think that some of the incidents invading Clark County School District are gang-related. We need to get the Marijuana money and the room tax money to the schools to make sure our kids and teachers are safe! It’s time that we apply common-sense safety tactics to make sure no more kids are shot on campuses.

We need to Save Our Schools.